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70 years of use has taken its toll on Memorial Stadium. The grandstands, restrooms, locker rooms and concessions are in desperate need of updating.

With your help, we can renovate Memorial Stadium to preserve its history and assure that it will continue to serve our students and the Grand Island community well into the next 70 years. Learn more and get involved.

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News & Notes

Thank you for visiting Grand Island Memorial Stadium’s website. We are still accepting donations for the Stadium Campaign and the Hall County Fallen Veterans Memorial Wall to be housed inside East stadium. We are mindful however, that the COVID-19 pandemic has created more critical and immediate basic needs.

I have 16 names of men who I know died for their country, and yet try as I might, I can’t find any reference to them apart from their names on a memorial marker. There is no grave stone, no newspaper article, or yearbook entry. They are just lost. I know these boys had parents and siblings and friends. They had dreams and ambitions. These are men who were brave enough to fight for their country and who paid the ultimate price of dying for my freedom, and I can’t even find their birthdate. How can I learn so much about some and so little of others? I have spent hours following lead after lead online trying to find even a scrap of information all to no avail. I know that for some, if I just found the right reference I could find something. The problem with having so much information at your fingertips, is that you can so easily miss something really important in the avalanche of resources.

A press conference was held to announce the start of the renovation and preservation of Historic East Stadium which includes plans for a new Memorial Wall to be installed inside East Stadium.

Historic East Stadium opened in the fall of 1947 as a War Memorial for World War I and World War II Veterans from Hall County who had died in service to their country. The funding for the facility was raised by more than 1,000 community-minded donors. The community saw the need for the stadium and built the memorial for those who gave their lives for our country.