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Grand Island Memorial Stadium


How it all began ...
Original 1945-47 Memorial Stadium Campaign materials


How it all began ...

The 1945-47 Memorial Stadium Campaign included these 1,600 community donors


A community comes together

In early 1945, a group of business men were having coffee at the Yancey Hotel. “Grand Island could use a good football stadium,” remarked one business man. The response was, “Why not go after one?”  This led to a series of events with the American Legion taking up the charge to raise funds to build a stadium.

The project would bring the community together to raise a little more than $100,000 and build the stately East side of Memorial Stadium. The School District sold Ryder Park to the City of Grand Island and used the proceeds towards the project.

The Grand Island Daily Independent made the lead gift of $5,000, which was matched by the Liederkranz.

By September of 1947 after the initial drive and the final push the American Legion had raised $103,000 from 1,520 individuals, businesses, and organizations. Even school children had given to the drive. Some donors gave twice, giving to both the initial campaign drive and the final push bringing the total gift count to 1,644 entries.

The original donor list was never printed in its entirety. We aim to correct that now. What follows is an alphabetized list of the original donors that built Grand Island’s Memorial Stadium 71 years ago.

This is our Memorial Stadium.

This is our Grand Legacy.

What we learned from this incredible list is that Grand Island rolled up her sleeves and everyone participated in building this community asset. We have the opportunity to do this again!

Our Memorial Stadium is in need of modern upgrades to seating and infrastructure so that it may be an asset to our community for another seventy years. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation has kicked off a $17 million capital campaign to meet this need. The campaign includes a lead gift of $10 million from 1964 alum Lanny Martin, an investment of $2 million from the school district, and a community campaign to raise the additional $5 million.

We hope YOU will help us give our community
home field advantage again.

Our volunteers have started making calls. It is Our Memorial Stadium, Our Grand Legacy. And, it will take all of us just as it did in 1947.


Campaign co-chairs:

Jeff and Jane Richardson
GISH Class of 1983, Campaign Co-Chairs

Jim and Maureen Kahrhoff
GISH Class of 1960 & GICC Class of 1960, Campaign Co-Chairs

Tom and Holly Rathman
GISH Class of 1981, Honorary Campaign Chairs

List of original donors to the 1945-47 Memorial Stadium Campaign

  • -A-
    A Friend
    Harold Abley
    Mrs. & Mrs. Bert J. Ackerman
    Laura Adair & Helen Henrichs
    Dr. Charles Adams
    Otto Albertson
    Dave Alexander
    Alexander Furniture Co.
    James Alexander
    Joan Alexander
    Ruth Alexander
    Mr. & Mrs. G. L. Alkire
    All Star Ball Game
    Fred Alpers
    Mrs. Esther Amende
    American Legion Auxiliary
    American Legion Grand Island Post #53
    Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Anderson
    Mr. & Mrs. Alton Anderson
    Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Anderson
    Harry Anderson - Cornhusker Cafe
    Mr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Anderson
    Mrs. Sarah Anderson
    Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Anthony
    Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Applegate
    Mr. Louis Arends
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Armatis
    Mr. & Mrs. George J. Armstrong
    Arno & Bill’s Super Service
    Jennie B. Arno
    Alberta Arp
    Dr. & Mrs. W. J. Arrasmith
    B. W. Atwater
    Gayle Ault
    Maurice Ault
    Mr. Charles Avila
    Mr. Theodore Avila
    Olivia Aye
    Ayes Market

    B. & G. Auto Co.
    B. & M. Service Station
    Mr. Harry Baasch
    Fred Babel
    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Babel
    Wilbur Bachman
    W. J. Bacon
    Edward Bader
    Ellen Bader
    Maxine Baede
    Jack Bailey’s Studio
    F. G. Baker
    Bakery & Confectionery Workers
    Clyde Baldwin
    Fred G. Baldwin
    Keith Ball
    Mrs. E. C. Ballard
    Barbers’ Union
    H. E. Barnes
    Barr Jr. High School
    Barr Jr. High School Grad Class 9th Grade
    Bartenbach Estate
    Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W. Bartenbach
    Mrs. Henry Bartenbach, Mr. & Mrs. George Bartenbach, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Connell, & Mrs. Arthur Beer
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Bartholemew
    Base Ball Headquarters
    Mrs. Jane Bastian
    Mr. Geo. Bate
    Harold Bates
    Mr. Ed L. Batie
    Mary Bauer
    Raymond Baxter
    Jack Beachler
    Alice Beat
    Bertha Becker
    Matilda Becker
    Becks Tavern
    Mr. Henry Behrens, Benice, Calif.
    Mr. & Mrs. John Behrens
    Mrs. John Behrens Jr., Whitestone, N.Y.
    Ray R. Beker
    Lloyd Beliel
    Mrs. O. G. Bell
    Harold Belshline
    Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks
    Mr. & Mrs. Axel V. Benson
    Maggie Benson
    Mr. Oscar Berg
    Earl L. Berger - Knickrehm’s
    Lloyd Berry
    Martin Berstler
    J. Bierbower
    Mr. W. E. Billington
    Bill’s Trading Post
    Dr. & Mrs. E. E. Bilon
    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bish
    Bish Machinery Co.
    Mr. Julius Bishop
    Jim Bixenman
    Mary Bixenmann
    Mrs. Eliza Black
    L. C. Black
    Louis Black
    Mrs. Rose Black
    A. F. Blackburn Jr.
    Mary Jane Blake
    Wilbert Blanco
    Earl E. Bloomenrader
    Lillie M. Boath
    Mr. R. W. Bock
    Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Bockhahn
    Boehl & Kranz
    Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Boehm
    Tom Bogt
    Mary Bohart
    Miss Edna M. Bohn
    W. C. Boldt
    Mrs. Elda Bolster
    Vera Boltz
    S. C. Bordeau
    Charles Bossert
    Mrs. James Bost
    C. R. Bottger
    A. L. Bottorff
    William Boucher
    Bowen Drug Co.
    Mr. Frank Bowen
    W. L. Bowman - Bowman’s Grocery
    Mrs. Ruth Boyd
    Ruth Boyden
    Tom Boyle
    Arthur L. Boyll
    Mrs. Dewey Bozell
    Elizabeth Brandon
    Martha Brandon
    Homer Branting
    Mr. & Mrs. Albert Braune
    Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Brayton
    A. Bredomeier
    Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Bredthauer
    Nlrtis Breg
    Lois Brick
    Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Brink
    William Brink
    Glenn Brittin
    Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Broekemeier
    John Brohm
    Ed Brosseau
    Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America
    Alma Brown
    C. E. Brown Auto Supply
    Connie Brown
    Mrs. Cora Brown
    Dora Brown
    Eleanor Brown
    Brown Fruit Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Guy Brown
    H. T. Brown
    Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Brown
    Brown-McDonald Dept. Store
    N. Milton Brown
    Mrs. Robert Brown
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brumbaugh
    Quentin J. Brumbaugh
    Eleanore Brune
    Beth Brunkemeyer
    Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bryant
    Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Buchfinck & Velma Buchfinck
    Mrs. James Buck
    Doris Buckles
    Herman F. Buckow
    Bud’s Tavern
    A. F. Buechler
    Frank Buell
    Richard Buenz
    Maxine J. Bunner
    E. E. Burd
    C. W. Burdick
    Clarence Burdick
    Mrs. Josephine Burgess
    Mrs. Marian Burkhart
    E. R. Burroughs
    Carol Burst
    R. H. Burton
    Bus Line Shoe Shop
    Grant Buxton
    Byrnes Beverage Co.

    Ed Calhoun
    California Cafe
    William E. Callihan
    Geo. J. Camaras, H. A. 2/c
    Florence Campbell
    Lafe Campbell
    Betty Canfield
    Capitol Grocery
    M. B. Carey
    Mr. L. E. Carlson
    Susie Carman
    Carmen’s Cafe
    Carpenter Paper Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carpenter
    Dr. & Mrs. L. A. Cates
    Cates Re-Cap & Vulcanizing
    W. L. Catlett
    Central Chevrolet Co.
    Central Cigar Store
    Central Distributing Co.
    Central Electric Co.
    Mrs. Ray Chamberlain
    Chapman Farm Equipment Co.
    Nannie Chapman
    Mrs. A. R. Cheatum
    Cheskchamay & Odaka Camp Fire Girls
    Mrs. F. C. Chew
    Chicago Lumber Co.
    Chris’ Texaco Service
    A. C. Christensen
    Christensen Concrete
    Mr. & Mrs. E. Christensen
    Marie Christensen
    Mr. S. Christensen
    Veda Christensen
    City Club Beverage Co.
    City of Grand Island Sale of Ryder Park
    Mrs. Stellamarie Clair
    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Clampitt
    Mr. Everett A. Clanton
    Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Clark
    Joan Clark
    Stuart Clasman
    Mr. Paul A. Claus
    John Claussen & Sons
    John D. Clayton
    Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Clayton
    Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Cleary
    Mr. & Mrs. Roy Cline
    Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
    Mr. Elmer C. Cochran
    Mrs. W. R. Cochran
    Fern Cole
    Virgil Cole
    Mr. & Mrs. David Colton
    Mr. F. H. Colwall
    Commercial National Bank
    A. D. Cone
    Art Cone Jr.
    Ashley W. Conger
    Construction & General Lab. Un.
    Bonnie Conyers
    Vera Coons
    Copple’s Tavern
    Corner Tavern
    Cornhusker Cafe
    Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Costello
    Ray Cottingham
    Ruth Cottingham
    Mr. & Mrs. George Coulter
    Orin Countryman
    Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Cowton
    Alta Cox
    Mr. & Mrs. Verne Crabtree
    Mr. & Mrs. Chad C. Crawford
    Teresa Crawford
    Mr. Edmund P. Crick
    Clinton Cronin
    Crystal Cleaners
    B. J. Cunningham
    Eldon P. Cunningham
    Mr. & Mrs. R. Cunningham
    Mrs. Emma Cutler
    Mr. Harry Czarnik

    Donna Daberkow
    Delma Dahlman
    Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dalgas
    Rev. Dalton
    Darling Company
    Oliver Davidson - Davidson’s
    R. Davidson
    Althea Davis
    Hattie Davis
    Marilyene Davis
    Ralph E. Davis
    Davis School Service, Lincoln, Neb.
    Beverly Dawson
    E. R. Dean
    Berl Deardorff
    Stover Deats
    Dorothea Dehning
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Delahoyde
    Elrod Dells
    Del-Rio Cafe
    Dr. & Mrs. Geo. DeMay
    Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Denman
    Francis Dennhart
    Mr. Hm. W. Dennis
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dennis
    Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Detweler - Starr Super Market
    Marty DeVore
    Diamond Engineering Co.
    Dick Bros. Co. Inc.
    Marie Dick
    Henry Diedrich
    Diers Motor Co.
    Carl Dieterichs
    Dieters Motor Co. Employees
    Theona Dillon
    B. J. Dingwerth
    Ditter’s Grocery
    Mr. & Mrs. John Ditter
    Emma Dittman
    Mr. M. C. Dittman
    Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Dobbs
    James R. Dobbs
    Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.
    Mrs. Gertrude Dodd
    Dodge School
    The Donald Co.
    Mrs. Roma Donald
    C. E. Donnelly
    L. M. Dorey
    B. F. Douthit & Family
    E. C. Douthit
    Frank Dowd
    Dr. & Mrs. H. J. Dowd
    B. Drew
    Adam Dubas - Army Goods Store
    Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudey
    Max Dudgeon
    Allen Dunn
    Christine Dunn
    Leonard Dunn
    Bob Dwyer

  • -E-
    Mrs. C. L. Eamons
    Bill & Fern Eatherten
    Mrs. Nettie Eaton
    Mr. Herman Eberl
    Mr. Joe Eberl
    Mr. & Mrs. Carl Eck
    Mrs. Edna L. Eckhardt
    Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Edward
    Mrs. Inez Edwards
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Eggers
    Ehler’s Grocery
    Wilber Ehlers
    Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Ehrsan
    Freeman Eisenbise
    Eleventh St. Grocery
    Sam Ella
    John Ellis
    Ellsworth Florists
    Art Ely
    H. A. Emerick
    Lewis Emery
    Emery Music Machine Co.
    Harry Ender
    Darold Eriksen
    Walter Ernst
    Florence Etting
    Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Eudd
    Agnes Eusden
    Margaret Eusden
    Harry Evans
    W. D. Exstrum

    F. W. Woolworth Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Fair
    Fairacres Dairy
    The Fairmont Creamery Co.
    Vesta Falldorf
    Mr. & Mrs. F. G. Falmlen
    Farmers Union Coop.
    Dr. & Mrs. E. E. Farnsworth
    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Farrell
    Mr. Walter Farrow
    Marion Fauquier
    Lt. Willie C. Fay
    Mrs. Hazel Fehrenkamp
    Ray Feirfeit
    Don Fenster
    Emil Fenster
    Fester Barker Shop
    Erwin E. Fiedler
    Irvin Fierstein
    Howard J. Finley
    First National Bank
    Charles Firth
    Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Fishburn
    Fisher City Grocery
    Mrs. Emma Flaugher
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Fletcher
    Flower Evans Co.
    Henry Forbis
    Paul Forbis
    H. L. Foreman
    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Foster
    Fraen’s Phillips 66
    J. R. Frame
    Mr. & Mrs. Dan Francis
    Adelle L. Francisco
    Mattie Frank
    Mr. W. E. Frank
    Fraternal Order of Eagles
    Fraun Service Co.
    Florence Frederickson
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Frederking
    Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Fredrickson
    Walter Freeland
    Art Freeman
    G. Freeman
    Mr. Leo Freye
    Jay Friederich
    Hattie Froelich
    H. G. Frost
    Ray Frye
    Nancy Fuerstenau
    Mr. & Mrs. Jos. R. Fulton
    Mr. R. J. Furniss

    G. C. Ordnance Corporation
    G. I. Auto Parts
    G. I. Council No. 134, U. C. T.
    G. I. Plumbing Co.
    G. I. Senior High School
    G. I. Senior High School Athletic Board
    G. I. Senior High School Faculty & Student Council
    G. I. Senior High School Paper Drive
    G. I. Senior High School Student Council
    G. I. Senior High School Tag Day
    G. I. Sports Shop
    Dale Ganst
    Stanley B. Garris
    Mrs. Gertrude Gass
    William T. Gate
    Mr. & Mrs. D. R. Gates
    Mr. R. S. Gaylord
    Geddes Funeral Home
    Lawrence Geddes
    The Geer Co.
    Effie Geer
    Geer-Maurer Construction Co.
    W. C. Gehringer
    W. B. Geil
    L. G. Gerdes
    Gestring’s Drug Store
    L. G. Geyette
    Al. L. Gibson
    Mr. Fred Giese
    Sgt. George Giese
    Mrs. Helen Giese
    Joe Gifford
    Fred L. Gillet
    Clifford Giou
    Mr. & Mrs. B. E. Gjalsteen
    Catharine Glade
    Mrs. Dixie H. Glade
    Glade Service
    Henry Gleason
    Mrs. Alice Glines
    Mr. & Mrs. Everett Glines
    Mr. & Mrs. Bert Glover
    Glzed Do-Nut Co.
    Rev. Joseph Godlewski
    Rev. C. H. Goeder
    Gollaher’s Hardware & Furniture
    Helen M. Gorder
    Mr. M. Gorham
    Gorman’s Men’s Wear
    Gorman’s Men’s Wear, G. Lawrence Gorman & Ted Cicchon
    Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gosda
    Mrs. Emma Gosda
    Rev. & Mrs. O. A. Graebner
    Marie L. Graham
    Grand Island Aux. Police
    Grand Island Baking Co.
    Grand Island Hardware Co.
    Grand Island Independent
    Grand Island-Kearney Football Game
    Grand Island Leather Co.
    Grand Island Lions Club Thanksgiving Football Game
    Grand Island Lodge 22, IOOF
    Grand Island Model Laundry
    Grand Island Rendering Co.
    Grand Island Traveling Men’s Assn.
    Grand Island Trust Co.
    Grand Island Woman’s Club
    Grant Western Auto Parts
    Alta Grasmick
    A. E. Green
    Harold Green - Green Body Shop
    Sam Greenberger
    Anna Mae Gregory
    Vivian Gregory
    Laura Greier
    James Griffen
    Martin Grotz
    The Growlers
    Richard Guendal
    Mrs. Helen Guinn
    Doris Gulzow
    Howard Gulzow
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. N. Gulzow
    Robert Gustin
    Loraine Gutschow

    H. & H. Liquor Store
    H. & W. Food Stores
    John Haack
    George Haagensen
    H. C. Hackman
    Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haggart
    Jim Haggart
    Hainline Super Service
    C. A. Hald
    Mr. & Mrs. Edmund F. Hald
    Marjoei Hald
    Mrs. Bertha Hale
    Mrs. Dortha Hall
    Lloyd Hall
    The Hallstead Press
    Bonnie Halstead
    Mrs. Nancy Hamilton
    Hancock Garage
    Herbert H. Hann
    B. Maurice Hansen
    C. F. Hansen
    Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Hansen
    H. P. Hansen
    Mr. & Mrs. Hans Hansen
    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hansen
    Wilford Hansen
    J. J. Hare
    Mrs. Clara Harold
    Oscar Harris
    Harrison-Martin Lumber Co.
    Mrs. Bertha Harry
    C. A. Harry
    Wm. J. Harry
    Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Hartley
    Mr. & Mrs. Co. Hartley
    A. P. Harvey
    Mr. Geo. Hassel
    Carl Hasselman
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hasselmann
    Edna M. Hatcher
    Evelyn Hatcher
    Gussie Hatchison
    Mrs. Leta Hatten
    Geraldine Hauck
    C. A. Hayden
    Wick Heath
    Mr. & Mrs. C. V. Heaton
    Mrs. Mary Heffner
    The Hehnke Lohmann Co.
    Helping Hand Group
    Helen Hendrichs
    Frank Heninger
    Art Henne
    Herb’s I.G.A.
    Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Herman
    M. E. Hershaun
    Ralph Hertley
    J. D. Herzog
    Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Heslander
    Hested Store
    Mr. O. O. Hettrich
    Hannicher Hickerson
    Mr. Ben Hiett
    Mrs. Myrtle Higby
    Ray M. Higgins
    Mary Higgins
    Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Hight
    Jessica Hikey
    Dorlene Hildebrand
    Helen Hinrichs
    Dan L. Hintz
    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hintz
    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hitchler
    Hitchler’s Tavern
    Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Hoagland
    John, Tommy, Den Hoeft
    Hoffman Collection Service
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hoffman
    Mr. & Mrs. H. Hohnstein
    Mr. & Mrs. Dent Holcomb
    Alice Holley
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Holling
    Virginia J. Holm
    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Holmberg
    Mr. Louis A. Holmes
    Hans J. Holst
    Dr. & Mrs. W. H. Hombach
    Home Finance Corp
    Mrs. Louis A. Homes, Sonna Lou & Larie W.
    Mr. A. D. Horn
    Hornady Sporting Goods
    Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Horrigan
    Mrs. R. R. Horth
    Bert Hoss
    Dr. & Mrs. L. R. Houlette
    Alice & Minnie Houser
    H. F. Howe
    Mrs. Arthur F. Howell
    Rev. & Mrs. Wm. Hubbard
    Hub’s Billiard Parlor
    Addie Huesner
    Clara Huesner
    Laura Huesner
    Dorothy Hughes
    George A. Hughes
    Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Hughes
    Mrs. & Mrs. E. F. Humpal
    Most Rev. Edward J. Hunkler
    Mr. Charles L. Hurst
    Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Huston
    Edward Huwaldt
    Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Huxford
    Orland T. Huyck

  • -I-
    Ideal Cleaners
    Sarah Ingram
    Ronald N. Inkeles
    F. E. Inks
    Interstate Transfer Co.
    Iowa Master Breeders
    Island Supply Co.
    Mrs. C. E. Ivers

    J. C. Penney Co.
    J. H. Yost Lumber Co.
    Jack & Jill Food Market
    George Jackson
    Mr. & Mrs. M. W. Jacobsen
    Elmer Jacobson
    H. J. Jacoby
    Mrs. A. A. Jaeke
    Mr. Bert James
    Mr. & Mrs. Lewis James
    Mr. Peter James
    Mr. Nick Jamson
    Ted Jamson
    Mrs. Clara M. Janes
    Floyd Jarman
    Mr. Arch Jarrell
    Arch W. Jarrell
    Mary Jarrell
    Mr. & Mrs. Hal Jarvis
    Mr. Harry L. Jensen
    Irene Jensen
    Leonard Jensen
    Mr. & Mrs. Soren K. Jensen
    Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Jenson
    Vernie Jeratowski
    Arch W. Jerrell
    Valera Jess
    Jessee’s Baking Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Jessee
    Jessen’s Pharmacy
    Mr. & Mrs. Clinton E. John
    Mr. Albert Johnson
    Dr. Earl Johnson
    Dr. Earle G. Johnson
    James C. Johnson
    John Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Mae Johnson
    Margaret Johnson
    Marie Johnson
    Mrs. Mary Johnson
    Mrs. Clara Jones
    Jones Drug Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. John H. Jones
    Mrs. Lillian Jones
    Herman R. Jungclaus
    Mr. & Mrs. David F. Jungles
    Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Justice

    K.M.M.J. Inc.
    K.M.M.J. Radio Station
    Dr. & Mrs. R. W. Kahman
    Isidor Kahn
    Gustav Kaiser
    Kallas Grocery
    Victor A. Kaminski
    O. Kamps
    George Katrouzos
    Kaufmann’s Employees
    Dorothy Kaumans
    Rev. Leo Keating
    Mr. & Mrs. Geo. F. Keggin
    Mr. & Mrs. Alex Kehm
    Henry Kehm
    Lois Kelch
    Mrs. Lillian Keller
    Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Kelly
    Mr. & Mrs. H. N. Kelley
    Howard N. Kelley
    Lloyd Kelly
    Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Kelly Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Kelly Sr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Kelly
    W. L. Kelly, Alda, Neb.
    Betty Kelse
    Art Kelsey
    W. J. Kelso
    Eldon Kemp
    Frank Kemper
    Mr. & Mrs. Jot Kenworthy
    Kernan Shoe Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. H. V. Kingdon
    Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Kinman
    Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Kinman
    John Kip
    Leila Kirkpatrick
    Virginia Kirkpatrick
    Mr. & Mrs Lloyd C. Kissel
    Kiwanis Club
    Minnie Klebba
    Mr. Samuel Klein
    Carl Knickrehm
    Mrs. Elise Knickrehm
    John Knickrehm
    Louise Knickrehm
    Margaret Knickrehm
    Mr. Ward E. Knight
    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Knowles
    Kenneth Koch
    Mr. Robert Koch
    Doloree Koehler
    Koehn & Sigman Service
    Leona Koenigsman
    Louis J. Kohl
    Marjorie Kohtz
    Chas. Kokrda
    Gladys Kolbo
    Glen Kolbo
    Margaret Kozal
    Ray A. Kozal
    Charlotte Krall
    Mr. Ed Krall
    R. A. Krall
    Henry Kranning Jr.
    The Krause Company
    Ernest A. Krehmke
    Krehmke Market
    Mrs. Helen Krieger
    Isabel Kreiger
    Christine Kroeger
    Judge & Mrs. E. G. Kroger
    Mrs. Kroyer’s Shop
    Mr. & Mrs. Ruby Krueger
    P. R. Kruger
    John Krupski
    Mr. August Kruse
    Mr. Rudolph Kruse
    Katherne Kuehner
    Fred Kuhlman
    O. Ann Kunel
    Kunze Hardware
    Betty J. Kurse
    Tresa Kurth

    L. & V. Furnace Co.
    L. L. Coryell & Son
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lagsding
    Mr. & Mrs. B. L. Lamb
    Mrs. Ada Lambert
    Shirley Lange
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Lanigan
    R. Lannin
    Mrs. Russell Larrison
    C. F. Larsen
    Earl Larson
    Earl K. Larson
    Grace Lathen
    Mrs. Lureene Lauer
    Dr. & Mrs. L. M. Launer
    Mary Launer
    Walter P. Lauritsen
    Lawlor’s Sports Equipment
    Mrs. Jennie Lawrence
    Mr. Geo. Lebar
    Mr. Albert A. Lechner
    E. W. Lechner
    John F. Lechner
    Joseph Lederle
    Ira Lee
    Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Lee
    Mr. & Mrs. S. P. Lee
    C. D. Lemmon
    Jennie Lemmons
    Dr. & Mrs. Geo. Leschinsky
    Leschinsky Studio - Lumbard Bros.
    Earl Lessig
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lessig
    Miss Viola Lessig
    Robert Lester
    Alphe N. Levene
    Marjorie Lewis
    Lewis Tire Service Co.
    Mr. Adolph Liebsack
    Arlene Liebsack
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Liebsack
    Henry Liebsack Jr.
    Liederkranz Ladies Club
    Liederkranz Society
    Chester C. Linder
    Chester Lindgren
    Ernest Lindgren
    Mrs. Clara Lindley
    John W. Lindsay Co.
    W. J. Lint
    Lions-Ashleys Shortcuts
    Lions Club
    Lions Club & Elks Ball Game
    Lions-Kiwanis Softball Game
    P. C. Lippert
    Donald Lockwood
    H. J. Loeffelbein
    W. H. Loescher
    Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Lohmann
    Lone Pine Service
    L. E. Long
    Virginia Long
    Losey Sign System
    Emil Lucht
    Arthur Ludington
    Ollie Ludvik
    Lorna Luebbe
    A. J. Luebs
    Mr. Hans Lueth
    Tom Lunch
    Mrs. Anna Lundell
    Mrs. Hannah Lundgren
    Mrs. George M. Lundquist
    Luth’s Tavern
    Mr. D. F. Lutzmeier
    Lykke Clothing Co.
    Roy C. Lykke
    Harry Lyons
    Lyon’s Women’s Relief Corp
    H. E. Lysinder - Rapid Film Service

  • -M-
    Mr. Donald Machaz
    Mr. John Machaz
    Mac’s Coffee Shop
    William A. Maddaz
    E. H. Magdanz
    Dr. & Mrs. Carl Maggiore
    Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Mahoney
    Mike Mahoney
    Maiwald Market
    H. Major
    Harold Mangelsen
    Alice Manners
    Kenneth Marler
    Mrs. Florence Marlette
    Mrs. Rex E. Marsh
    Dr. R. D. Martin
    Mr. R. D. Martin
    Otto Martins
    Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Martinson
    Ross Martinson
    Ora Masters
    Anne Mathiesen
    Helen Mattke
    Mr. Otto Mattke
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mattox
    Maxine’s Beauty Shop
    Mrs. Viola May
    Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Mayer
    Maytag Sales & Service
    John F. McCarthy
    Mrs. Lena McCormick
    W. M. McCoy
    Dr. K. F. McDermott
    Mrs. Alice McDonald
    Charles McElroy
    Francis E. McElroy
    Mr. & Mrs. L. C. McFarland
    Dr. & Mrs. W. D. McGrath
    Carl McGuire
    Rose McHugh
    Evadna McIntosh
    Norman McKeag
    E. J. McKean
    H. T. McKee
    Earl McKillips - Corner Grocery
    Ruby McKinsey
    Marion McLellan
    Norma McMillen
    Mr. & Mrs. Floyd McMullen
    Mr. & Mrs. H. R. McMullen
    Frank M. McNett
    Wm. McRae
    Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur McReynolds
    Mr. & Mrs. Earl Mecham
    Mehring’s Beer & Liquor Store
    A. E. Melkus
    “Memorial Stadium Booster”
    Mr. & Mrs. Art Menck
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold Menck
    Karl Mendenhall
    Mrs. Mary Merchant
    Elayne Mester
    Elmer S. Meth
    Wm. Metro
    Ralph Mettenbrink
    Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Meves
    Mr. & Mrs. Det Meves
    Laura Meves
    Alice Meyer
    Mr. John Meyer
    Meyer’s Jewelers
    Robert W. Meyer
    Toni Michael
    Mrs. Jessie Michaelis
    H. F. Michelman
    Midwest Farm Equipment Co.
    Thomas Millar
    Alma R. Miller
    Eugene Miller
    Miller’s G. E. Appliance
    Millworkers Local Union No. 330
    Mr. & Mrs. L. F. Milne
    Milne Oil Co.
    Shirley Milsap
    Max Miner
    Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Miner
    Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Minor
    Ray Mintzayer
    John A. Mitchell
    Model Laundry
    John Moe
    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Moeller
    Alfred Mohl
    Mr. & Mrs. George W. Monson
    Mrs. R. E. Moody
    Mr. Robert Moody
    Bertha Moore
    Mrs. C. M. Moore
    Clyde Moore
    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Moore
    Mr. E. F. Morris
    Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Morris
    Mrs. Celia Morrison
    M. E. Moses
    Drs. Moslander & Latham
    Motor Engineering Works
    Movie Operators
    F. W. Moyer
    Mr. & Mrs. Warrren Moyer
    Mr. & Mrs. A. Mudicott
    Mrs. Myrna Muir
    Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mundhenke
    T. B. Murray
    Musicians’ Union
    Mrs. Roland Myers

    Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Nader
    Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Nagelstock
    Mrs. Lauretta Naracong
    Clarence Nasland
    Earl Nasten
    Coleman Nay
    Nebraska Consolidated Mills
    Nebraska Loan & Trust Co.
    Nebraska Register
    Nehi Bottling Company
    Noward N. Nelly
    Adeline Nelson
    E. Floyd Nelson
    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Nelson
    Nelson Lumber & Supply Co.
    Erma Nenek
    Berniece Nessin
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nettenbrink
    Leo Neubert - Standard Oil 2nd & Cle.
    Max Neubert - Standard Oil 2nd & Pine
    Mr. & Mrs. Robt. Neumayer
    A. B. Newell
    Lyle Newlon
    Mr. & Mrs. Art Neyhart
    Neyhart Barber Shop Employees
    Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Nicholas
    Mr. & Mrs. Vern Nicholas
    Nels L. Nicoliason
    Stanley Niehaus
    Nielsen & Petersen Transfer Co.
    Betty Nielsen
    Emma Nielsen
    Mr. & Mrs. John F. Nielsen
    Loren Nielsen
    Norma Nielsen
    Evelyn Niemoth
    Inline Nietfeld
    Geo. A. Niller
    The Nitzel Co.
    Pauline K. Nizie
    Mr. Charles E. Noble
    Gordon Noel
    Norden Laboratories
    Rev. Melin Nordine
    John B. Noren
    Roland Norman
    Norm’s Tavern
    North Side Radio Clinic
    Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.
    Northwestern Public Service Co.
    Harry Norton
    James Norton
    Mrs. Addie Nye

    O. K. Liquor Store
    Oasis Tavern
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Odin
    Mrs. Emma Oesterling
    Mary Cale O’Hara
    Thos. J. O’Hara
    Mr. & Mrs. F. C. O’Keefe, Mr. & Mrs. Stan Kully, & Miss Bertha Novak
    Arden Olin
    Mr. Andrew W. Oliver
    Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Olp
    Mrs. Ida C. Olson
    Mrs. Olson’s Root Beer
    Mr. & Mrs. Mike Olzofka
    Chauncey O’Neal
    John Orbank
    Ernest Ostermeier
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ottman Jr.
    Overland National Bank
    Mr. John Owens
    Owl Cab Co. & Lemmon Motor Co.

    P. F. Peterson Baking Co. (Peter Pan)
    Alice E. Paine
    Judge Bayard H. Paine
    Judge & Mrs. Bayard Paine Sr.
    Sgt. & Mrs. Bayard Paine Jr.
    Lt. Col. & Mrs. Chas. Paine
    Paine Monument Co.
    Mr. V. M. Painter
    Painters’ Union
    Mrs. Ogla S. Palmer
    Mr. Lyle Parkin
    C. R. Parks
    Mrs. L. R. Parks
    Allan Paro
    Blanche Parsons
    Paul Mangelsen Home Funrish.
    Paul Sothman Construction Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Paulick
    Donna Paulos
    Peanut & Popcorn Shop
    Donald E. Pearson
    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pedersen
    H. D. Peeks
    Mr. & Mrs. Earl Peeler
    Peggy’s Kiddie Shop
    Walter B. Pepper
    Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.
    Dorothy Perhase
    Frank Perkos
    Dr. F. Perrin
    Barbara Peters - Capital Beauty
    Mr. Ernest Peters
    Miss Freda Peters
    Mr. Harry Peters
    Julius Peters
    Oscar Petersen
    H. G. Peterson
    Mr. & Mrs. Oswald Peterson
    Pete Pfenning
    Jean Pfluckhahn
    The Pfluckhahn Shoe Repair Shop
    Mr. & Mrs. John Pheif
    Mrs. R. A. Phelps
    Floyd E. Philbrick
    Leonard Philbrick
    Alex Pickrell
    Mr & Mrs. C. A. Pinkerton
    Neil Pinkston
    Mr. Hugo C. Piper
    Mr. Frank Placek
    Platte Valley Construction Co.
    S. L. Pletcher
    Dr. A. R. Plith
    Margaret Plummer
    Mr. John Pokorney
    Mr. & Mrs. Howard Polzel
    Odin W. Poppe
    Mrs. E. F. Porter
    Louise Porter
    Ed Post
    Mr. & Mrs. Grover Post
    Steve & Alex Poullos
    Mr. Harry Poulos
    John Poulos
    Perry Powell
    Mr. Marvin Powers
    Ed Preisendorf
    Mr. & Mrs. Harry Preisendorf
    Louis Preisendorf
    Georgia Price - Little Men & Women’s Shop
    R. B. Price
    Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Prince
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Prince
    Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Prinz
    Bessie Proctor
    David Proctor
    Adeline Prorock
    Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Prucha
    Mr. & Mrs. Dick Pulliam

  • -Q-
    Activity Committee Q. O. Ordnance Corp.

    R. E. Murphy Co.
    Wm. Rabe
    Claude Ragland
    L. E. Rasey
    Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Rasey
    Al Rasmussen
    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rasmussen
    Edith Rathman
    Nan Ray
    Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Ray
    Red Lamp Antique Shop
    Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Reed
    Marvin Reeder
    Warren Reeves
    Rev. & Mrs. O. W. Reger
    Clayton Reher
    Emma Reher
    Bess Reid
    Mr. & Mrs. James Reilly
    Dr. & Mrs. John V. Reilly
    John Reimers
    Oscar Reimers
    Theodore Reimers
    Arlene Reiners
    Leigh Reinhart
    The Reitan Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Rembolt
    Rose Remboldt
    Hall Renner
    Jim Renner
    Opal Renner
    Henry Reuber
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. A. Reutlinger
    Edgar Reynolds
    Geo. M. Reynolds - National Cash Register Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Reynolds
    Dorothy Rice
    Rev. & Mrs. R. Richards
    Betty Riggs
    Vivian Roark
    E. M. Roberts
    Leonard Roberts
    Ruby Roberts
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Roberts
    Ellouise Robinson
    Mr. LaVerne Roby
    Rockwell Bowling Alleys
    C. E. Rockwell
    L. E. Rodebaugh
    Emil F. Roeser
    Ernie Rogan
    Rogers Jewelry Co. by David Fogel
    August Rohweder
    Marvin Roper
    J. D. Rose - Pepsi Cola
    Arthur Rosenkotter
    Mrs. Donovan Ross
    Henry Ross
    Kenneth Ross
    Lola Ross
    Mr. & Mrs. Winnie S. Ross
    Betty Roth
    Gene Roth
    Mrs. W. W. Rouse
    Dr. Howard Royer
    Don Ruby
    Alma Ruge
    Mr. Claus Ruge
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rupp
    Jos. D. Rupper
    Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Rush
    Russell Furniture Co.
    Mrs. Lillian Russell
    Owen Rutherford
    Mrs. Chas. G. Ryan
    E. P. Ryan

    Safeway Stores Inc.
    Barry Samuelson
    Fred Samway
    Gerald Samway
    H. J. Sander
    Sanitary Plumbing Co.
    Mr. M. J. Saribante
    Robert P. Sass
    Virginia Sassen
    Mr. Ed Sawicki
    Mr. & Mrs. Emil Schaaf
    Schaffel & Sons. Mon. Co.
    Earl Scheel
    Anna Scheffel
    Clara Scheuneman
    June Schirkofsky
    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Schleichardt
    Arlo Schleiker
    Evelyn Schlieker
    H. D. Schmidt
    Otto Schmidt
    Nick Schnell
    Ed Schoenheiter
    L. E. Schomburg
    Henry F. School
    School District No. 15
    Ernest Schrader
    Jake Schritt
    Bob Schroeder
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Schroeder
    Lt. & Mrs. R. F. Schuelssler
    John Schuett
    Schuff Tire Service
    Mrs. Josephine Schultz
    Eileen Schulze
    Rev. & Mrs. F. W. Schulze
    Virginia Schumaker
    Lucille Schwarts
    Mr. & Mrs. August Schweiger
    Daniel Scott
    Mr. & Mrs. E. L. W. Scott
    L. Scott
    R. A. Scott
    Mr. Ray E. Scott
    Mr. & Mrs. S. T. Scott
    Sears Roebuck & Co.
    Mrs. Searson
    Effie Seery
    Rev. & Mrs. M. Sehabacker
    Fester Seier
    J. E. Seiler
    Bill Seymour
    Clarence Seymour
    Harry Shafer
    Mary Shannon
    Shirley A. Shannon
    Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Shapiro
    Bernie Shaver
    Shaver’s Market
    Martha Jane Shaver
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Shaver
    Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Shehein
    Mrs. Amanda Shell
    Mrs. Ellis B. Shepherd
    Merle Sherard
    Frank Sherman & family
    Tri-States Theatre Corp. & Mrs. Madeline Shiller
    Kenneth Shindo
    May Shirkofsky
    Delores Shoemaker
    Louis Shotkosky
    Mr. Charles H. Shott
    Albert Shulte
    Sidles Co.
    Bonita Simon
    Mr. Joe Simon
    Rhoda Simon
    Mrs. E. M. Simpson
    Sink & Baer Employees
    Sixth & Pine St. Station
    O. P. Skaggs & G. W. Martin Co.
    Marilyn Skeels
    Skips Conoco Station
    Mary Slattery
    Dr. & Mrs. Geo. C. Smaha
    Al Smith
    H. J. Smith
    Helen Smith
    Kathleen Smith
    Mrs. W. B. Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith
    Earl Snodgrass
    Bill Snyder
    Mr. Cecil E. Snyder
    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Snyder
    Soldiers Home Members & Employees
    Mr. Erwin S. Solt
    William Sommer
    Dorothy Sonnenfelt
    Thelma Sopher
    Erma G. Sorensen
    Fred Sorensen
    Marjorie Sorensen
    The Sothman Co.
    S. Spangenberg
    Thomas E. Spath
    Ara Spears
    Walter Speck
    Spelts Lumber Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sprague
    St. Francis Hospital
    Al Stahlnecker
    Dee Stahlnecker
    Harvey Stahlnecker
    Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Staidley
    Betty Stanley
    Star Laundry
    Star Lite Cafe
    Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Starr
    Lee Staundenraus
    Marion Steck
    Ines Steckmeyer
    Mrs. Donald V. Steele
    Earl F. Steele
    L. L. Steele
    Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Stein
    Stanley Stenka
    C. B. Stephens
    Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Stephens
    Mrs. Stella Stephens
    Mrs. Beatrice Stewart
    Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Stewart
    Stewart’s Shoe Service
    Wm. F. Stewart
    Mrs. John Stiles
    Inez J. Stillens
    Erma Stites
    DeVon Stogdill
    Dorothy Stohle
    Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Stolley
    Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Stratton
    Ms. May Streator
    Mr. & Mrs. N. Stroh
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Stryker
    Leo Stuhr
    T. J. Sturtevant
    Sub-Deb Club
    Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Suhr
    Sullivan’s Grand Island Storage
    Mr. & Mrs. Ted A. Sunberg
    Sutters Dairy
    Wm. Swain
    C. L. Sweet
    “Sweet Music”
    Dr. L. F. Sweetland
    Rev. L. F. Sweetland
    Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Swindell
    Edna Switzer
    Rev. Albert Szynal

    Richard Talbot
    Henrietta Talmage
    Lenora Tangerman
    Tangerman’s Tavern
    Mr. John Tarnick
    Carol Taylor
    Mr. Herndon Taylor
    James Taylor
    Mr. John W. Taylor
    Mr. Merle E. Tennant
    Terry Bros. & Neves
    Rev. L. A. Tessmer
    Third City Sand Co.
    Clarke Thomas
    Clendene Thomas
    Mr. & Mrs. B. L. Thompson
    Tom & Avis Thomsen
    Mr. A. C. Thomssen
    S. W. Thornton
    Irene Thur
    Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Tiernan
    Fred Todson
    Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Toft
    Tony’s Loan Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Townsend
    R. E. Townsend
    Ralph E. Townsend, W. T. 1/c, Phillippines Islands
    Mr. Leo C. Trautmann
    June Triboulet
    Trinity Lutheran School
    Frank Tripe
    Mrs. Grace Tucker
    Alan H. Tully
    Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Tully
    J. A. “Jim” Tuma
    Mrs. Elizabeth Tumblin
    Twin Rivers Co.
    Typographical Union

  • -U-
    U. C. T. Auxiliary
    Violet Ueckert
    Mr. & Mrs. Jake Uhrich
    H. W. Ullstrom (Hall County Hatchery)
    Ulry-Talbert Co.
    Bette Unfred
    Union Pacific Oldtimers Aux.
    U. S. Employment Services Employees
    Mary Urwiller

    Earl J. Van Bibber
    Claude Van Gorden
    F. H. Vandegrift
    Mr. & Mrs. Lynand VandeVegt
    David Vanosdall
    Theo Vanosdall
    Mrs. Augusta Veit
    Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall County Auxiliary
    E. H. Vieregg (Northwestern Public Serv.)
    Mrs. Eva B. Vieregg
    Henrietta C. Vieregg
    Mr. O. A. Vieregg
    Tressa Volkman
    Orval Voorhees

    W. A. C. Mothers Club
    W. A. Carter Plumbing & Heating
    Howard Wacek
    Jay Waddington
    Mr. Elmer Waffle
    Lola Wagner
    Butch Wahl
    Charles Walker
    Edw. Walker
    Pearl Walker
    Leonard J. Walklin (Gestring Drugs)
    Mr. Earl Walling
    Walnut Jr. High School
    Walnut Jr. High School Paper
    Walnut Jr. High School Teachers
    Walnut Pharmacy
    Ross Walsh
    Clarence O. Walters
    D. R. Walters
    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Walthall
    Alta Ware
    B. E. Ware
    Mrs. Ella Washburn
    Harriet Waskowiak
    Mr. Charles Wasmer
    Wasmer School
    Mr. & Mrs. M. Wassermann
    Dr. Donald P. Watson
    Don Weaver
    James Webb
    Webb Live Stock Commission Co.
    Bernice Weigert
    Clara Weigert
    The Weldary
    Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Wellensiek
    Mrs. Calvin Weller
    Vera Welles
    Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Wells
    Mrs. Hannah Wells, Wood River
    Mr. & Mrs. Geo Wellsandt
    Mrs. Geo. W. Welsh
    Lydia Wendt
    James Wenger
    William C. Wenninger
    Mr & Mrs. Albert Werner
    Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Werner
    West End Grocery
    Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Westphal
    Marie Wetzel
    F. S. White
    White Horse Tavern
    White House Cafe
    Charles Whyte
    John F. Whyte Jr.
    John F. Whyte Sr.
    Geo. Wiechman
    Mr. & Mrs. Emil Wiegert
    Mrs. Frederick Wietser
    Della Wilcox
    Ray Wilcox
    Lester Wiley
    Eddie Williams
    I. J. Wilkens
    Rusk Wilkins
    Carl Willard
    Dave Williams
    Mrs. Hasel A. Williams
    Robert Williams
    Williamson Furniture Co.
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Williamson
    Aaron Willis
    Paul H. Willis
    Pearl D. Willis
    Carol Willman
    Willman Frozen Food Lockers
    Wilson Auto Parts
    Mr. William R. Wilson
    Dr. Earl W. Wiltse
    Albert Windolph
    Henriette Windolph
    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wingert
    Ardeth Winget
    Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Winters
    Van P. Wittenmeyer
    E. J. Wolbach
    Samuel N. Wolbach
    S. N. Wolbach Sons
    Fred Rauch & Wolbach’s Store
    Ralph Wolcott
    Women’s City Bowling Assn.
    Doris Wondercheck
    Mrs. Nettie Woodard
    Dr. J. G. Woodin
    Dr. R. C. Woodruff
    H. H. Woodward
    Mrs. M. Worland
    Max Wragge
    Mrs. Anna Wurth

    Yancey Hotel Employees
    Yellow Cab Co. Employees
    Dr. & Mrs. Howard Yost
    Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Youngelnus
    Marie Yount
    Mrs. J. H. Yund

    John Zanzow
    Albert Zellar
    H. F. Zieg Family
    Orrill B. Ziggafoos
    Mr. & Mrs. A. Zimbelman
    Edward Ziola
    Eugenia Zlomke
    Otto Zlomke
    Howard Zornes
    Dr. & Mrs. W. Z. Zuspan
    Mr. & Mrs. Sol Zveitel