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Lists 131 Names; Stand in Niche In East Stadium

The 1945-47 Memorial Stadium Campaign included these 1,600 community donors

One of the key points which stand out in my mind after reading all the historical data on the 1945-1947 campaign to build Grand Island’s Memorial Stadium

Students at Senior High and Barr and Walnut Junior Highs have been doing their share to aid in construction of the new Memorial Stadium here, and so far, have raised more than $1,000 to be added to the stadium fund.

Inspired by a $10 million gift from 1964 Senior High graduate and Hall of Honor member, Lanny Martin, the Memorial Stadium Project now looks to raise an additional...

At the close of World War II, the community seeking a suitable memorial for veterans of World War II...

After more than a year of planning, hard work, and through the Grand Island Memorial Stadium became a reality...

Out of a coffee drinking session in the Hotel Yancey coffee shop in World War II days grew the dream that became Grand Island’s Memorial Stadium.