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Frequent Questions

This section is a compilation of frequently asked questions. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can't find an answer you're looking for, just ask us.


  • Why does the stadium need improvements and why now?

    Seven decades have taken its toll on Memorial Stadium. The grandstand does not meet current building codes and the restrooms, locker rooms and concessions are in desperate need of updating in order to improve accessibility. The stadium also needs infrastructure upgrades to meet the demand for today’s technology.

  • What is the current seating capacity and how will that change with this project?

    Current permanent seating capacity at Memorial Stadium is 2,896. With the Primary Project capacity would increase to 5,109 and to 5,534 with the Expanded Project.

  • Help me understand the Primary vs. Expanded Project.

    The Primary Project will include:
    * Preservation and improvements to the Memorial section at East Stadium
    * Improved facilities to both the East and West Stadium to include, updated restrooms, concessions and locker rooms
    * A two-tiered press box at West Stadium, to include specific area for media and for filming
    * A meeting space at West Stadium for special events, coaches meetings and team meetings
    * Improved seating with adherence to current codes and ADA regulations to better accommodate visitors
    * Updated infrastructure for technology

    Once funds are raised for the Primary Project objectives listed above, additional funds will be used for an Expanded Project allowing the following improvements to East Stadium:
    * An addition to the current East Stadium to include 425 more seats
    * Expanded locker room and training area
    * A family restroom
    * Expanded areas for concessions

  • Who owns the facility?

    Grand Island Public Schools has had ownership and stewardship of the facility since the community raised the funds and gifted the facility to the district in 1947 at its original dedication.

  • Will East Stadium be torn down or defaced?

    The World War II Memorial at East Stadium will remain intact while the rest of the structure will be renovated.

  • Will this still be a Veterans Memorial? Jack Martin Field

    Memorial Stadium will remain a Veterans Memorial as it has for the last 70 years.

  • When will construction begin?

    Preliminary timeline includes breaking ground in winter 2018 and includes construction over two summers. West and East Stadiums would be under construction at separate times to allow for regular programming.

  • Will field lights be moved with this project?

    Plans include moving the field lights to once again be centered on the field.

  • How will this project affect my property taxes and what percent of the project is tax funded?

    The school district is contributing a total of $2 million to this $17 million project. This $2 million is made up of $1.25 million in general maintenance and building funds that GIPS budgets for track and turf replacement as well as general upkeep needs. Additionally, the district has access to QCPUF dollars to improve accessibility to existing facilities. $750,000 will come from the QCPUF allotment available to GIPS. Using the entire $2 million as consideration, under 12% of the project will be funded with tax dollars. The project does not increase or decrease the general tax levy.

  • Does this project include the vision for closing College Street?

    Although the master plan for College Street is still underway, we are confident that the improvement to Memorial Stadium will complement the effort to improve the function and safety of the Grand Island Senior High Campus. The first part of the redevelopment of College Street began during the summer of 2018.

  • Will other area schools and community events still be welcome to use the updated facility?

    Area schools and community events will still be welcome to use the facility upon mutual understanding of scheduling and maintenance. Current protocol will be followed.

  • If I donated to the Turf Project in 2009 how will my gift to Memorial Stadium be recognized?

    Gifts to the Turf Project will be recognized as an addition to the total gift made for the Stadium Project. For example: If a donor gave $25,000 to the Turf Project and is now giving $50,000 to the Memorial Stadium Project, the gift will be recognized at the $75,000 level on the permanent donor display.

  • What happens if you raise funds beyond the project goal and the expanded project goal?

    Funds raised beyond the expenses of the project will be held in a fund at the GIPS Foundation for future stadium maintenance and upgrades. If the funds raised are enough to fund the Primary Project, but fall short of the Expanded Project, those funds will also be held in a fund at GIPS Foundation for future stadium maintenance and upgrades.

  • How will gifts be recognized?

    All donors will be recognized in print, online and in appropriate publications. Donors who contribute $2,500 or more to the project will also be included in a permanent display at the Stadium.

  • What forms of gifts are accepted and how long is the pledge period?

    Gifts of cash, check, credit card and securities are welcome. Other forms of giving will be considered on a case by case basis. Gifts may be pledged over a three (3) year period to allow gifts to be given in increments over time.