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Veterans Memorial

Hall County Veterans Memorial Wall

Please view the listing of fallen veterans from Hall County Nebraska to be included on the new Veterans Memorial Wall and interactive touchscreen display inside East Memorial Stadium. The interactive display will feature service information, awards and stories of our fallen veterans. As a part of this project, the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation has researched this list and now asks the public for additional information.

Grand Island Public Schools Foundation strives for accuracy. Contact the Foundation at with any additions/corrections on a Hall County fallen veteran, or complete the form at the bottom of the page.


Click to view Project Renderings and Schematics


  • World War I

    Earl Ayres ARMY
    Frank Bendowsky ARMY
    Charles Allan Benson ARMY
    Fred L. Betts ARMY
    Edward F. Bischeld ARMY
    Harold Bishop ARMY
    Andrew J. Brown ARMY
    Fayette Cady ARMY
    Edwin L. Cates ARMY
    Grosvenor Phillips Cather ARMY
    Leo Connor ARMY
    Benjamin I. Deuel ARMY
    Andrew Gipson ARMY
    John Meredith Groff ARMY
    Richard L. Harris ARMY
    Floyd Huyck ARMY
    Edgar James ARMY
    Lester Harrison Kindig ARMY
    Fred Kruse ARMY
    Armand J. Leschinsky ARMY
    Niels Nielsen ARMY
    George S. Palmer ARMY
    William M. Quisenberry ARMY
    William James Sheehan ARMY
    Elmer Ray Sherer ARMY
    Marvin Shoopman ARMY
    Howard Smeaton ARMY
    Soren Christian Sorensen ARMY
    John Sutherland ARMY
    William Tannehill ARMY
    Robert Bruce Taylor ARMY
    Henry R. Yund ARMY

  • World War II

    Gerald N. Adams ARMY
    Oliver F. Gene Adams ARMY
    Billy V. Anderson ARMY
    Ruben E. Arnold
    John H. Arp ARMY AIR FORCE
    Earl H. Baasch ARMY
    Robert James Baird NAVY
    Arnold F. Becker ARMY
    John W. Behrens NAVY
    Tony F. Berumen ARMY
    Byron T. Blackburn ARMY
    Leslie L. Boyd ARMY
    Delbert Brayton ARMY
    Bert F. Bredemeier ARMY
    Rosalio Briseno Jr. ARMY
    Alfred A. Burmood ARMY
    Durward Burton ARMY
    Earl K. Byer ARMY
    Marcus H. Carter ARMY
    Joseph E. Carter
    Loyd Raymond Christensen NAVY
    George H. Cochran ARMY
    Harold W. Corbett ARMY
    Wayne A. Coxon ARMY
    Clarence C. Curtin ARMY
    Fred Dana DeFoil ARMY AIR FORCE
    James Michael Dowd ARMY
    Richard Carl Engel ARMY
    Paul L. Enzminger ARMY
    Archie V. Erickson ARMY
    Robert Edwin Ewing ARMY
    Floyd L. Farris ARMY
    Merrill Ferrington Jr. ARMY
    Bernard B. Fletcher ARMY AIR FORCE
    Max J. Fulton ARMY
    James M. Fulton NAVY
    Galen F. Garber ARMY
    Dale Robert Geddes MARINES
    Bernard L. Goggins ARMY
    William E. Gray ARMY
    Harold Harvey Hank ARMY
    Robert Donald Hargens ARMY AIR FORCE
    Wallace R. Heironymus ARMY AIR FORCE
    Richard Charles Hiatt ARMY
    Marvin Edward Hild ARMY AIR FORCE
    Charley A. Holmes ARMY
    Lyle W. Holmes ARMY
    Donald W. Huegel NAVY
    Harold Raymond Jacoby ARMY
    Richard T. Jefferies ARMY
    Glen Francis Joehnck ARMY AIR FORCE
    Thomas Paul Johnson ARMY
    Louis Donald Juker ARMY
    John Phillip Karle Jr. ARMY
    Dale Victor Kenworthy ARMY
    Keith Kershaw ARMY
    Junior I. Kirk ARMY
    Frank James Knotek ARMY AIR FORCE
    George Edwin Krick ARMY
    Dale Laverne Lade ARMY
    Vernon Leon Luther ARMY
    Chester N. Mann ARMY
    Donald Eugene McCall ARMY
    Maurice F. McCartney ARMY
    George B. McDonald ARMY
    Richard Laverne McFarland NAVY
    Neal Bernard McKibben ARMY
    Farrell C. McMahon ARMY
    Robert Thomas Mentzer MARINES
    Clarence Miller ARMY
    Donald Daniel Monson ARMY
    Julius Morrison ARMY
    Stewart Alexander Morrison ARMY
    Virgil Roy Oliver ARMY
    Albert Edgar Owen ARMY AIR FORCE
    Thomas Dee Pace MARINES
    John Payton NAVY
    Albert W. Petzoldt ARMY
    Joe Crawford Phelan ARMY
    Glenwood D. Porter ARMY
    Perry Ellsworth Powell ARMY AIR FORCE
    Virgil D. Reimers ARMY
    Walter Max John Richter NAVY
    Harold Laverne Rickard ARMY
    Burr A. Roark ARMY
    Don William Roberts
    Robert C. Roberts ARMY
    William Wayne Rouse Jr. ARMY
    Leslie R. Rudd ARMY
    James C. Schirkofsky ARMY
    Elmer Pershing Schlund NAVY
    Robert L. Schmidt ARMY
    Robert F. Schultz ARMY
    Gustav F. Schweiger ARMY
    Ellis B. Shepherd ARMY
    James R. Shepherd
    Glenwood R. Siek ARMY
    Walter G. Smith ARMY
    Samuel James Sorahan ARMY
    Gerald T. Steckmyer ARMY
    Glenn R. Still ARMY
    Delmar L. Storey ARMY
    Ernie W. Tegler ARMY
    Gerald K. Titman
    Ervin E. Trampe
    Danny Walker ARMY
    Robert P. Waterman ARMY
    Charles R. Weaver ARMY AIR FORCE
    Stanley M. Wells ARMY
    Elmer Wiese ARMY
    Bill J. Williams ARMY AIR FORCE
    Bob L. Williams ARMY
    Edwin N. Williams ARMY AIR FORCE
    James E. Williams ARMY
    Gordon L. Willits ARMY
    Henry L. Wilson ARMY
    Kermit L. Wittulski ARMY
    James E. Wylie ARMY
    Leander M. Young ARMY
    Albert M. Zona ARMY AIR FORCE

  • Korean War

    Lawrence Edward Burger AIR FORCE
    Ernesto J. Cordero ARMY
    Richard Cosh ARMY
    Wendell Lynn Johnson NAVY
    Richard Thomas Michel AIR FORCE
    Julian R. Ripley ARMY
    Robert H. Schoel ARMY

  • Vietnam War

    Rodney Louis Engel ARMY
    Jan Royce Gillham ARMY
    Richard Gerald Gillham ARMY
    William Eugene Hamilton ARMY
    Monte Larue Moorberg AIR FORCE
    Richard P. Sawicki ARMY
    Kenneth Wayne Schmidt ARMY
    Dewey Irvin Struebing ARMY

  • War on Terror

    Noah L. Boye MARINES
    Kyle W. Codner MARINES
    Eric L. Knott NAVY
    Jeffrey J. Hansen NAVY

  • __________

Hall County Veterans Memorial Wall Updates

To submit information, stories and/or a photo of your Hall County fallen veteran, please complete the form below or contact our office at (308) 385-5900 and we will assist you.

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